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Important Advice On The Correct Procedure In The Event Of A Loss

Please read the following important advice before completing a claim notification:

                    0044 (0) 1752 601166

  1. The Policyholder has a duty to report every loss to the Insurer without delay. Furthermore, damage caused by fire and explosion, theft, burglary, robbery, piracy, embezzlement and fraudulent appropriation must be reported to the nearest police station without delay.
  2. The Policyholder has a duty to use his own initiative to take all reasonable steps to avoid and minimise the loss. If the Insurer gives instructions in this respect, these must by obeyed by the Policyholder.
  3. The Policyholder has a duty to provide the Insurer with full and accurate reports of the loss and to provide the Insurer, upon request, with any information which, in the Insurer’s view, is necessary for assessing the loss and the Insurer’s liability. The Policyholder must provide evidence if so requested by the Insurer, where such evidence can reasonably be obtained.
  4. If one of the duties mentioned in nos. 1 to 3 above is not complied with, the Insurer will be relieved of liability to the extent permitted by law.

Measures Recommended To Facilitate Rapid Claim Settlement:

  • Make sure that the loss does not increase (e.g. as a result of theft, danger posed by unsecured parts).
  • In the event of a collision: obtain the name and address of the other party.
  • In the case of burglary, theft and fire damage losses: report the loss to the police!
  • Take clear photos of the damage (including close-up shots).
  • Let us know how we can contact you.
  • If an inspection is carried out by a surveyor, you should be present in person.
  • As a general rule, send in estimates/evidence of value.
  • Please do not ever assign your claims against YACHTING24 to third parties.
  • Keep all invoices. Submit them all together for settlement.

You want to report damage?

Please fill in the Y24-online-damage report here.