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YACHTING24.com - Online Boat Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing the quote

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We can only accept sums insured which tally with the values on our boat type database.

Every hull policy needs a minimum premium which allows for the expense of arranging a policy. With boats of lesser value, the premium may not change in spite of the boat values being amended. This is because the minimum premium would not be reach

The following criteria must be met:

  • The boat is a production boat.
  • The boat sails under the German, British, Irish, Dutch or Austrian flag.
  • The boat is no more than 40 years old.
  • The current value of the boat is no more than £50,000

Arranging the policy

After you send in your proposal to YACHTING24, it is checked. You receive a reply a short time later, so cover can commence no sooner than 12 noon CET on the following day. In order to ensure this, please make sure that the start of the insurance and your payment information (bank details) are entered correctly.

  • Model and year built
  • Manufacturer and type of outboard engine (only if main drive)
  • Engine output (motorboats only)
  • A valid e-mail address which is always reachable and which you check regularly. All communication is by e-mail!
  • A valid credit card or a bank account with a German, Dutch, Austrian, British or Irish financial institution
  • Builder’s number of the insured vessel or the registration number or a photo
  • An engine number (only for outboards which are the main drive)
  • For inboards: the manufacturer, model and output
  • Manufacturer, type and registration number of the trailer (only if insured)
  • Boat name
  • Have your Credit Card details at hand

A new insurance broking law has been in force since May 2007. Payments which you claim from insurers under existing policies can now only be received and paid to you with your authorisation.

You specify the scope of your insurance yourself. It depends on the options you select on the proposal form. If, for example, you want cover for racing, select this option. You can see the scope of the insurance from the YACHTING24 conditions of insurance. You will find these attached to your insurance recommendation, for example, or under the relevant insurance.

YACHTING24 does not insure any boats which have undergone structural changes which have resulted in considerable deviation from the original design of the production boat. Examples are rig modifications, change of drive or modifications to the structure of the hull.

Boats used commercially cannot be insured with YACHTING24. YACHTING24 issues policies for boats automatically and this is not possible for individual risks such as boats used commercially.

This is not currently possible. This option is being worked on at the moment. In future we will be able to offer insurance for syndicates.

At the moment it is only possible to insure boats sailing under the German, British, Irish, Dutch or Austrian flag. The flag dictates the country in which insurance tax is payable. At the current time, YACHTING24 can only offer policies with German, British, Irish, Dutch or Austrian tax. Other countries are due to follow shortly.

YACHTING24 does not insure rowing boats. YACHTING24 issues policies for boats automatically and this is currently only possible for production boats (motor boats/motor yachts, sailing boats/sailing yachts and jet skis). YACHTING24 does not issue any individual quotes for other water sports risks.


You are permitted to cancel in the following cases:

  1. Withdrawal: you may withdraw from your contract within two weeks, without giving any reasons, in writing (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail). The period begins no sooner than on receipt of this instruction. This deadline is deemed to be complied with if the notice of withdrawal is sent off in time. Notice of withdrawal must be sent to the address of YACHTING24. In the event of a valid withdrawal, both sides must reimburse any payments they have received.
  2. Cancellation after one year: from the beginning of the second policy year, the Policyholder can cancel the policy in writing at any time, with immediate effect.
  3. Cancellation following a loss: after the occurrence of a loss, both parties are entitled to cancel the policy. Cancellation is only permitted until up to one month after conclusion of the negotiations regarding indemnity. The insurer has to give one month’s notice of cancellation. The Policyholder cannot give notice of cancellation for a later date than the end of the current policy period.
  4. Cancellation in the event of sale: if the boat is sold, the insurance ends on change of ownership.
  5. Cancellation at anniversary: during the first year, one month prior to the anniversary date.

If the policy ends early, the unearned premium will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

Please click here and complete the claims notification form. Have your access data (e-mail address and password) to the YACHTING24 customer portal to hand.

Cover applies to the vessel specified in the policy, the machinery, equipment, inventory, tenders and fittings. ...more

Yacht liability insurance covers all damage caused by your boat to others for which you are legally liable (this generally implies negligence on your part). ...more

The insurance relates to instances of death or disablement following accidents caused by the steering and use of the vessels described in the policy - irrespective of blame. ...more

The Y24 total loss insurance for yachts covers your yacht in the event of a total loss or constructive total loss. N.B.: there is no cover for partial losses. ...more

Please try to enter all information online, so that your claim can be handled more quickly. Please click here and complete the claim notification form.

The YACHTING24 premium remains the same, even after a loss. We work entirely without a no-claims bonus system. Nevertheless, both parties are entitled to cancel the policy following a loss. See Article 13 para. 2 of the YACHTING24 conditions of insurance.

Please check first of all whether YACHTING24 provides insurance for your boat (to do this, complete a proposal form). If this is the case, cancel your existing insurance. For details of how to cancel your policy, please contact your current insurer. YACHTING24 offers you the opportunity to arrange a policy three months prior to inception so as to avoid any gaps in cover.

No, otherwise you could retro-insure your boat in the event of a loss.

No, allowing others to use the boat free of charge is included in the insurance. Only commercial use is excluded in accordance with Article 6 para. 1 of the Y24 hull conditions.

Technical terms

In the case of partial losses, the necessary repairs costs (labour and materials) are paid as follows:

  • up to 3 years old, without any deduction
  • over 3 years old, 20% deduction
  • over 5 years old, 35% deduction
  • 10 years old and over, 50% deduction.

The cost of transportation to and from the boat yard will be paid without any deduction.

The Agreed Value corresponds to the sum insured, which consists of the value of the boat and the value of any personal effects, outboard engine and trailer. It is paid out without any deductions in the event of a total loss. From the fourth policy year onwards, your boat is insured for its current value. The current value means the value of a boat as new, less a monetary amount for age, use and wear and tear.

A constructive total loss exists if, in the event of a loss, the repair costs exceed the insured value of your boat.

This is evidence of liability insurance in various languages, which is a legal requirement in many countries. You can open and print this certificate within My YACHTING24 in the contracts area (select my policies --> click on manage my policy --> International Certificate of Insurance).

Technical points

If you want to be sure: use Firefox (Version 1.0 or above) or Internet Explorer (Version 6.0 or above). Java and JavaScript are needed and must therefore be activated.

You can make it much more difficult for your password to be misused if you follow a few basic rules. A password should:

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • consist of a mixture of capital and small letters and numbers
  • be easy to remember, so that you don’t have to write it down

Spaces in the password are not permitted.


Your insurance cover is jeopardised amongst other things if:

  • you charter your boat or use it commercially
  • you leave the sailing area stated in the policy (other than in an emergency)
  • you have given false information in the policy
  • you use your boat other than as stated in the policy (e.g. you race but have not selected the racing policy option)
  • attempts to collect a due premium by direct debit fail repeatedly

Immediate quote

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Route to your policy

What steps are required and how is a policy created?

What documents should you have to hand?


Example of hull insurance

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from as little as £124.00

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from as little as £200.00

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