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YACHTING24.com - Online Boat Insurance


Please note: You must be at least 18 years old to enter into an insurance policy with YACHTING24.

This is what you need to prepare a quote: 

  1. Make, model and year of your boat (Tips on using boat search)
  2. If your boat is a motor boat: manufacturer, model and output of the engine
  3. A valid email-address where we can reach you.

This is what you need to arrange your policy: 

  1. Name of the boat
  2. Builder’s number or clear photo of your boat
  3. Registration data
  4. If it has an outboard engine: engine identification number
  5. If you are also insuring a trailer: manufacturer and registration number
  6. Have your Credit Card or Direct Debit Card at hand



Only buy the insurance protection you want. In order to put together your individual quote, click here.

What steps are required and how is a policy created?

What documents should you have to hand?


Example of hull insurance

for your Contessa 32

from as little as £124.00

or your Sea Ray 225

from as little as £200.00

Who are YACHTING24?

You should know who you’re buying your insurance from and why you can rely on YACHTING24. Click here for full information.