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YACHTING24 Liability insurance for yachts

  • The Insurer covers the Policyholder and coinsureds in the event that a claim for damages is made against them by a third party on the basis of statutory liability provisions (for bodily injury, property damage or indirect financial loss), arising out of a loss occurrence connected with owning and using the vessels specified in the policy.
  • As every water sportsman is liable to the full extent of his assets for injuries or damage caused to a third party as a result of his negligence in connection with owning or using a pleasure craft, yacht liability insurance is absolutely essential.
  • YACHTING24 liability insurance for yachts not only provides compensation for losses, but also assumes your defence against unjustified claims. YACHTING24 recommends a sum insured of at least £2,000,000 or £3,000,000, bodily injury and property damage combined.
  • The insurance covers the vessel, owner, skipper, crew and guests anywhere in Europe.

 For further information, please see the explanations marked with a question mark in the proposal area, together with the YACHTING24 Liability conditions of insurance.



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Example of hull insurance

for your Contessa 32

from as little as £124.00

or your Sea Ray 225

from as little as £200.00

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